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JDigger - Java Search Library & Utility

JDigger is a library and command line utility for searching java related items (classes, methods, fields ...). 


The JDigger Utility

As developers, it happens a lot that we are looking for a class in a directory/directories that has many jar files.

The JDigger utility enables a recursive search of java classes, methods and fields  through any given directory :

Search into archives (zip, jar) and archives within archives (ear, war).
Search using a partial class/package name.
Search for references to a given class/method/field (not fully operational yet).
Any new ideas for searches are most welcome.


Usage Example:

Using: jdig -extract D:\tmp\searchresults -excl gui -no_case transform

will make a case insensitive search through your current directory (and any archives within it) to find classes which names include the string 'transform' (but not the string 'gui') and will copy these classes to the directory 'D:\tmp\searchresults'.


The JDigger API

This flexible API enables to create any kind of search, either by using existing classes or by adding your own customized extensions.


Used Libraries:
  Apache BCEL



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